i*magine you had immediate access to all of your suppliers’ up-to-date database images, all in one place and one format.

i*magine you could perform specific searches across these location, cast, prop, animal & accommodation databases, and easily compile and present a dynamic, interactive on-line presentation, branded with your company branding, to your client.

i*magine you could add your own locations and video clips to these presentations, as well as attach pertinent documentation such as budgets, story-boards & shoot-boards for you bid or job in progress.

i*magine you could check the status of your job, amend and add to the presentation, and run reports from anywhere in the world 24/7.

i*magine you had a cutting edge system where you could create a job or bid that your research department, casting director, producer, and accounts department could all work on, from all corners of the globe, all at the same time.

i*magine your location scout could instantly upload images to you from location, and onto your client in minutes.

Using years of extensive feedback from key members of the Film and Fashion industries, Digi_Cast have created a long awaited production sourcing and management tool. Digi_Cast present all the above, and much more… in i*magine!

Key Features:

This system will dramatically streamline and speed up research & turn-around times for presentations and castings, as well as save on costly courier fees.

i*magine - location search and library management


i*Scout is a very comprehensive and efficient location database application suited to any production company or location agency dealing with large volumes of images. It is fully integrated with i*magine, both pushing and pulling locations. Location agency’s using i*Scout can send all of their categorized locations to all requested users of i*magine. Production companies can pull location agency images to their local network, as well as send their own locations to their own i*magine locker, allowing them to be added to client presentations.

i*Scout has very effective categorizing and searching tools, allowing you to categorize not only locations, but images within those locations can be tagged for easy searching. Maintaining location data and images is simple with i*Scout.



i*FTP will allow you to transfer or receive large files to or from your client. This may not be possible using e-mail due to file sizes. It is commonly used for castings, video clips, or to transfer raw photo’s from a daily shoot. i*Ftp makes it easy for you upload files, linked to an i*magine job, and then for your client to effortlessly view and pull down these files onto their computers.


Websites and Showreels

Digi_Cast have a great creative and development team, with much experience in the industry, that will create websites or multimedia showreels for your company. These can be produced on CD, Business Card CD or DVD.

What’s more, your website or showreel can be directly linked to i*magine & i*Scout, so clients can see up-to-date locations or i*magine presentations. As Digi_Cast is a complete solution for you, it will prove to be very cost-effective to have your sites and marketing material produced by us.

Please contact us to see some samples of work at info@digicastcards.com.