Digi_CastŪ Booker

Digi_Cast's Booker is a world class state-of-the-art booking system which has been created to meet the very specific needs of all Model, Character and any other talent agencies. It has been designed to be easy-to-use, yet thorough, and caters for all functions required by an agency, from managing the movement of the model and their portfolios, to invoicing clients and full accounting reporting. It is built in a flexible manner so that your precise needs and method of billing and paying models will be catered for!

Key Features:

Activity Chart Screen

Booking Information Screen

Model Information & Search Screen

Digi_CastŪ i*Scan & Email Packages

Digi_Cast has 2 products that work together to give you hands on management of your portfolios.

i*Scan is an image management tool that allows you to scan portfolio's, or select them from your hard drive, and upload them directly and effortlessly to a model. It is so easy! Once uploaded from i*Scan, the model's new images will appear immediately on your website, and in your packages system. You can also add or remove models, and update their details in seconds by using i*Scan.

i*Scan 2

Email Packages is an online system that allows you to quickly group a selection of models, and send their entire portfolio's, or selected images, to your client by means of an email package. Your client will receive a link by email which means that no large images are sent by you or received by them directly, thus avoiding unnecessary clogging of mailboxes and networks.

Our email packages system also links directly to our i*magine system for production companies and casting directors, so you will receive relevant briefs directly into your system and can respond to them with ease. These responses will filter directly into the client's i*magine system and start a very effective casting process.

The presentation that your client will receive will have your agency branding, and is also interactive; so the client can respond directly with shortlists. This seemless flow of information gives you, and them, very effective management of the casting process.

Key Features of Email Packages:

Email packaging - Available castings

Email package (Client receives this)

Websites and CD Business Cards

Digi_Cast have a great creative and development team that will create a website, CD presentation or any other marketing material for your agency.

What's more, your website or CD Business Card is directly linked to our other systems, so will show a completely up-to-date selection of your models at any time - you have complete control of this process. As you scan and update using i*Scan, your website will immediately display the new information and images, and the next CD Business Card you order will also be dynamically updated.

As Digi_Cast is a complete solution for your agency, it will prove to be very cost-effective to have your sites and marketing material produced by us.

Please contact us to see some samples of work at info@digicastcards.com.